Religious communities must stop blessing war and violence...
Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center Beilenson Hearing: Stop the Cuts.
Released 31 October 2006
By ICUJP Political Outreach Committee
6 November, 2006

9:30 am

Board of Supervisors' Hearing Room
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles

Proposed cuts to the services offered at Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center include denial of care to an estimated 434 patients a month needing surgical care, 85 children needing pediatric care, 63 women needing obstetric care, 32 mothers and their babies needing neonatal intensive care and more...

The proposed cuts will net NO savings according to the hearing's official announcement (download here).

Please come to the hearing to voice your support for community health and the King/Drew Medical Center.

Statement of Adalberto United Methodist Church on the Occasion of the Filing of a Federal Lawsuit on
Released 18 September 2006
By Rev. Walter L. Coleman

The valiant, courageous struggle of Elvira Arellano today begins a new chapter in the national discussion of immigration reform -- not only in the courts, but on the street corners, workplaces and churches of this nation, anew chapter in the national discussion that must soon reach to the halls of congress.

Support Maher Hathout
Attend Monday's (18 September 2006) Human Rights Commission meeting

Released 15 September 2006
By ICUJP Political Outreach Committee
Support Maher Hathout
Attend Monday's HRC meeting

18 September 2006
12:30 pm

320 W. Temple Street, Suite 1184,
Los Angeles


ICUJP Statement on Universal Health Care
Released 16 August 2006
By ICUJP Political Outreach Committee
Recognizing that many Californians do not have access to health care for themselves or their families, ICUJP goes on record in support of
Senate Bill 840, a California universal health care plan. Read more...

ICUJP Denounces the School of the Americas (SOA)
Released 24 July 2006
By ICUJP Political Action Committee
It is our responsibility as people of faith and conscience to speak out against violence, torture, and oppression wherever they occur. Read more...

Released 14 July 2006
It is our moral responsibility as a people of faith and conscience to speak out against war and violence wherever it occurs.

We denounce the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, and condemn violence against Israeli citizens.

Citizens and Immigrants: Unite Against Racism and the War System
Released 22 May 2006
As members of the INTERFAITH COMMUNITIES UNITED FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE (ICUJP) we assert that our faith traditions have in common the injunctions to love our neighbors as ourselves and to aid the strangers in our midst. They do not tell us to aid strangers only if they have the proper papers, or to love our neighbors only if they will work for low wages in our factories, fields, and homes.

ICUJP affirms that a comprehensive immigration policy should include:
    1. A pathway to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants who live and work in the United States, including earned permanent residency

    2. Facilitation of family unification in a timely manner

    3. Protection of civil rights, human rights and civil liberties

    4. No criminalization of immigrants or their allies for human service and other activities that are not illegal in any other context.