ICUJP Unofficial Blog Post:20120522:09:26aPDT

Only two goodies really caught my eye today. First was a 9th Circuit opinion which I would summarize (at the moment, caveats, disclaimers, and assumed peril at the fore) as "If you can make the bust by harshing a guy about limit lines, then you darned well better arrest first and impound second. If you can't follow the rules at least that closely we can't pretend there's anything left of the 4th Amendment." I do not think for a moment anyone well acquainted with the ruling would like that characterization, but brevity is a tyrant. The second case was a SCOTUS ruling that while interpreter's fees could be folded into attorney's fees in a case awarding same, that did not apply to translations of documents, only to the meatspace trained seal performance that is live translating. I'm not entirely unmoved by the argument, especially as it encompasses all my normal go-tos and reminds me that I still don't have certain coveted reference texts. No doubt the prose here will in time settle down into something, well, something else. There will be no posts save by folks invited to take on the responsibility of posting rights. On the other hand, that means the folks making the comments are, if any of the posters are ever so lucky as to attract commentators, probably pretty close to the spirit of this work, a spirit that seemingly pervades all things. I'll try to get at least two things a day up here, and will be culling freely from material arriving in my inbox by way of the discuss list. Please don't write me directly. Use the discuss list as the pre-flight, we'll promote winners from there (and fillers if need be). Oh, yeah, shouldn't _you_ be plugging the heck out of this anywhere and anywhere you can? '-)
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