There will be no meeting this Friday due to a board retreat. Please join us the following Friday Dec. 14.

Friday Morning Sponsoring Group Meetings

Friday, November 23 
There will be no meeting this week - but many of us will be supporting Walmart workers in Baldwin Park and Paramount in their quest for better working conditions.

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2nd Annual Regas Award Event: Here, Now, and Soon!

Blessings and thanks to all who helped make the Holman event such a wonderful happening. Check back soon for links to transcripts, videos, and community response to this stirring moment in history.

ICUJP and July 4th


ICUJP Unofficial Blog Post:20120522:09:26aPDT

Only two goodies really caught my eye today. First was a 9th Circuit opinion which I would summarize (at the moment, caveats, disclaimers, and assumed peril at the fore) as "If you can make the bust by harshing a guy about limit lines, then you darned well better arrest first and impound second. If you can't follow the rules at least that closely we can't pretend there's anything left of the 4th Amendment." I do not think for a moment anyone well acquainted with the ruling would like that characterization, but brevity is a tyrant.

SPRING'S AWAKENING AT ICUJP! Our most recent newsletter.


Introducing the First George Regas Interfaith Youth Outreach Intern!

A few months ago, ICUJP announced an opening for the first George Regas Interfaith

Youth Outreach Intern position. We sought a person who would understand and embody

ICUJP’s commitment to honoring prophetic perspectives of non-violence and justice with

a critical understanding of many issues, including war.


Last week, ICUJP selected Kifah Shah as the George Regas Interfaith Youth Outreach

Intern. Kifah graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s in Ethnic Studies in May

2010. She grew up in Palm Desert, CA, and recalls moments when her friend’s parents

would call her a “‘good’ Muslim” girl, or when her teachers would make sweeping

generalizations about what “her people” were accountable for. In many ways, these

You are Invited to a Special Event!

To a special conversation with
The Rev. Dr. George Hunsinger
Founder of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture

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