March Route and Parking for October 7 Event

Our October 7 action is happening very near Union Station. Go green, use Park-and-Ride lots along the Metro Gold or Red lines and exit at Union Station! Or use one of the many city lots, including the one at Union Station. Fees vary.

October 7 Press Releases

ICUJP issued the following two press releases. Click on the image to download pdfs of that release. Please circulate far and wide!

YouTube Video: A Call to Action: Stop the Wars! Fund Jobs!! October 7, 2011

Another amazing video from Robert Corsini of Aboriginal Media, this time calling on viewers to get involved and take action with Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace as part of planned protests on October 7.

500 Fridays: Video by Robert Corsini

Videographer Robert Corsini has put together this tremendous video for our 500 Fridays/10th Anniversary commemorations.


Released September 22, 2011 In 2002, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace issued a comprehensive Statement On the Middle East. See below. Among other demands, ICUJP affirmed "the two-State solution: the State of Israel alongside a viable Palestinian State, with secure borders for both." ICUJP has never wavered from that Statement and reaffirms it today. Consequently, ICUJP urges the U.N. Security Council and General Assembly to grant the Palestinian Authority statehood and full U.N. membership and urges the United States not to veto that decision. Approved by the ICUJP Board of Directors, September 22, 2011 ICUJP Statement On The Middle East Released 02 August 2002 The terrible escalation of violence in Israel - Palestine over the last few weeks is a clear and bitter testimony to the utter failure of violence as a means to end violence. Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP) is a coalition of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Native Americans and representatives of other faith traditions as well as secular peace organizations. We grieve for the untold numbers of people who are being killed. From ICUJP's mission statement: "The big lie back of all killings - whether street gang murders, deaths among Israelis and Palestinians, death at the hands of terrorists on September 11 or deaths in Afghanistan - the lie behind them all is that the victims deserved to die. Our consciences, shaped by the Divine Spirit, proclaim that when life is cheap and disposable anywhere, life becomes cheap and disposable everywhere. Every human being is of sacred worth - both friend and foe. They bear on themselves the image of the Divine. All are children of God." Therefore:
  1. We cherish all the efforts of peace-loving people in the Middle East who are struggling for a nonviolent resolution to the conflict.
  2. We affirm the two-State solution: the State of Israel alongside a viable Palestinian State, with secure borders for both.
  3. We welcome the Saudi initiative that calls for Israeli withdrawal to pre-1967 borders and for all Arab States to normalize relations with Israel.
  4. We support the deployment of an international peacekeeping force, under the command of the United Nations, to enhance security of both Israelis and Palestinians.
Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace refuses to give in to the despair that marks this relentless conflict. We insist on being among those who hope and pray and work for peace with justice. It would be a betrayal of everything our faiths have taught us to believe about God and the sacredness of humanity if we were to lose faith in the possibility that Israelis and Palestinians can find a way to live in peace. We are committed to being among those who strive to reduce the distrust, hopelessness and fear that block the way. Approved by the ICUJP Sponsoring Group on April 12, 2002

October 7, 2011: Civil Disobedience to Protest 10 Years of War in Afghanistan!

October 7 marks the Tenth Anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, now the longest war in US history. The costs of the wars the U. S. wages throughout the world are staggering, and those most vulnerable suffer most. ICUJP, founded shortly after 9/11/01, has said “No!” to these horrors for 10 years, and we are outraged and saddened that we must step forth again to voice both our condemnation and hope. Please join us! Download pdf of flyer HERE.

Stephen Rohde Interviewed at L.A. Progressive

Robert Link interviewed ICUJP chair Stephen F. Rohde over Labor Day weekend, and that interview has now been published in L.A. Progressive: Robert Link: If we stipulate that U.S. militarism is not a new problem and that the military-industrial complex is not likely to go away, what can ICUJP hope to accomplish in the next ten years?

ICUJP's Steven Rohde on Don Bustany's KPFK Show

Don't miss Don Bustany's interview with Stephen Rohde, Chair of ICUJP, on The Urgency of 9/11/11: Challenging U.S. War-making (Sept 11) and the Witness for Peace (Oct 7).
Middle East in Focus>br>
KPFK fm 90.7 - Sunday, September 4, 9AM
Pacifica Radio, Los Angeles

Dramatic Readings of Gov't Texts Reckon with Torture

ICUJP, NRCAT join in dramatic readings:

St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Studio City hosted a program of readings from actual government transcripts and documents to call attention to acts of torture and abuse carried out by the U.S. under the Bush administration. The readings of testimonies by torturers and the tortured were performed by well-known local actors, including David Selby, of Dark Shadows fame, and Susan Clark, who co-starred on Webster.

500 Fridays

by Stephen F. Rohde In the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, resulting in the deaths of almost 3000 people from 90 countries at the World Trade Center, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon, the United States had a fundamental and historic choice. The US could remain true to its ideals and principles, embrace international law, and lead the world in condemning the perpetrators of these heinous crimes and bringing them to justice? Or the US could cast aside those ideals and principles, demean international law as obsolete, unleash the shock and awe of its vast military power, and launch aggressive wars in the name of retaliating against those it accused of committing and supporting the 9/11 attacks. Tragically, the US compounded the tragedy of 9/11 by choosing the latter and that has made all the difference.
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