Human Rights organizations speak out against torture

On Thursday, June 26, 2014, Interfaith Communities United for Justice & Peace along with its partners and other human right supporters such as Code Pink, Human Rights Watch and Program for Torture Victims gathered in front of the United University Church to denounce torture and hold up torture survivors.

Interfaith Communities United for Justice & Peace, Program for Torture Victims, Code Pink, United University Church and Human Rights Watch reaffirmed their commitment to fight for the inherit dignity of all people.

In this video, Reverent Frank Wulf, pastor at the United University Church, speaks out against torture in Guantanamo Bay, in Pelican Bey and other U.S. prisons and jails and overseas in Iraq and other places the U.S. is violating people's human rights.

Justin Connolly, Southern California director of Human Rights Watch, spoke on the progress and setbacks that the human rights movement has experienced.

Connolly spoke on the torture committed by governments and people worldwide, such as Yemen, Uzbekistan and the U.S.

We must fight the good fight and build our movement, get friends, families and allies involved in our work.

William "Trip" Oldfield III is the Executive Director for Program for Torture Victims. His organization works to give necessary and vital resources to torture survivors from all over the world, helping in their relocation, providing psychological counseling, access to food and other basic needs.

But above else, Oldfield said, survivors need to use their experience to move forward in the process of healing.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Hailey of Interfaith Communities United for Justice & Peace and Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church speaks out against torture.

We are against torture first and foremost, Betsy said, because we are all created, every human being, in the image of God.

Anne Richardson spoke out on her involvement with the detainees, specifically Obaidullah, and how many of their rights are being violated, especially the right to a fair trial. She outlines the graphic details of her client's torture and how complicit the U.S. government is.

Michael Rapkin is a long time Los Angeles attorney who began representing detainees in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba in 2005. Michael has been to Guantánamo a few times to meet with his clients. He has been a frequent speaker and op-ed writer on the evils of torture, prosecuting government officials who authorized torture and habeas corpus.



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