New Culture of Peace and Justice: ICUJP Condemns Police Killings and Mass Incarceration, Demands Justice and Accountability

handsup.gifICUJP supports the rising tide of outrage over mass incarceration and police killings which have devastated communities of color across the nation.

ICUJP demands justice and accountability including the prosecution of police officers who have killed with impunity unarmed individuals, overwhelmingly people of color; use of body cameras; systemic reforms to reduce mass incarceration; and police training in the use of nonlethal force and de-escalation techniques (in which faith leaders trained in non-violence are prepared to participate).

As organizations such as #BlackLivesMatter and #StopMassIncarceration plan public demonstrations to express outrage and demand justice, we call for peaceful, nonviolent protests in the spirit of the work done by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Rev. James Lawson during the Civil Rights Movement.

We urge that such protests be ongoing, massive, and sustained, to ensure that public attention remains focused on the adoption of laws and institutional policies to end these outrageous injustices, creating a New Culture of Peace and Justice.

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