ICUJP Supports Minimum Wage Increase

RasieLA.jpgLos Angeles is one of the leading low wage capitals in the nation. The California Budget Project estimates that Angelenos need to earn more than $15/hour to provide for their basic needs. Yet 46% of workers in our city make less than that. That’s over 810,000 of working Angelenos trying to scrape by in one of the most expensive cities in the world. The city’s dire affordable housing stock and high demand further exacerbates the struggle of low wage workers.

Families across our city are struggling NOW. That’s why workers in low-paying industries like fast food, hotels, carwashes, and retail, along with community members have all been fighting for $15/hour. Every week, $26 million is stolen from the pockets of workers. Employers violating the law should not be rewarded. Workers deserve to be guaranteed a paycheck when they work. Additionally, workers who fall ill have been forced to make the impossible decision of staying at home or going to work sick--forced to choose between their health, child care, and paying rent or putting food on the table. This needs to change.

We are a coalition of community organizations, labor unions, academics, and religious and business leaders urging the City leadership to champion the strongest minimum wage policy in the nation by providing:

  • $15/hour indexed to the cost of living
  • Comprehensive Wage Theft Enforcement
  • Guaranteed Paid Sick Days

When workers earn a living wage, they stimulate the economy. They immediately spend their paychecks in their communities to sustain their families’ basic needs, allowing small and local businesses to thrive.

We look forward to working with the Mayor and LA City Council to champion, pass, and enforce the nation’s strongest minimum wage policy to tackle the massive issue of poverty in Los Angeles.

Our communities cannot afford to wait any longer.

We pledge to endorse the campaign to win a policy to raise the minimum wage, protect against wage theft, and provide paid sick days!

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