The Path to Peace and Reconciliation in Syria and Lebanon


On April 30, ICUJP presented the latest in its series of Justice Luncheons titled "The Path to Peace and Reconciliation in Syria and Lebanon," featuring the Rev. Nadim Nassar, Director of the Awareness Foundation and the first Syrian priest ordained in the Church of England.

The Responders were Milia Islam-Majeed, Executive Director of the South Coast Interfaith Council, and Ian McIlraith, Director of Peace & Community Relations for Soka Gakkai International – USA (SGI-USA).

Rev. Nassar condemned the world religions for failing to speak out forcefully and consistently against ISIS/ISIL, who have hijacked the Qu'ran and enjoy the support of governments in the Middle East. He complained that millions were in the streets protesting cartoons of Mohammed but were not in the streets protesting the slaughter of innocent people by ISIS/ISIL.

He opposes military intervention in Syria and elsewhere to combat terrorism and state violence. Instead, he urged that the world community dry up the resources that sustain ISIS/ISIL; dry up the weapons that arm them; and dry up their propaganda. "Every 1/2 liter of oil in the West, is a 1/2 liter of blood."

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