ICUJP Statement on Universal Health Care – Adopted August 16, 2006

Recognizing that many Californians do not have access to health care for themselves or their families, ICUJP goes on record in support of Senate Bill 840, a California universal health care plan.

We consider adequate health care to be a basic right of every person. We also recognize that this crisis disproportionately affects those most vulnerable in our society.

It is imperative that Californians act to remedy this tragic health care crisis, as the federal government is unable or unwilling to provide health care for its citizens due to the exorbitant sums now being wasted on our military misadventure in Iraq.

Senate Bill 840 would establish a single-payer health insurance system, saving millions of dollars now spent on paperwork. It is estimated that roughly 30% of each health care dollar goes for processing. This would be cut substantially by a single payer-payer system.

Senate Bill 840, now awaiting passage in the Assembly, would automatically cover every California resident with health services: preventive, primary, hospital, emergency, dental, vision, prescription drugs, and durable medical equipment.

Senate Bill 840 would provide fair reimbursement to all providers, giving an incentive to provide services by those covered. Due to meager reimbursement schedules, many providers currently turn away patients covered by public plans.

Therefore, ICUJP is urging every Californian to contact their Assembly representative to solicit his or her vote for this legislation. 


To download the statement, click here.


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