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How can you support the ICUJP Peace Kids Scholarship?

ICUJP is committed to building up the next generation of peacemakers and is excited to partner with Peace Kids/ Peace Camp/ Youth leadership to create the ICUJP Peace Kids Scholarship Fund, which will provide a year-long stipend to employ an ICUJP named Peace Kids Intern.


Jabias was a young man who started coming to Peace Kids when he was 11 years old. His mom said that he had experienced some problems with anger management and was hopeful that he could benefit from the program. Jabias flourished and found his passion working with younger kids. Jabias, who has some older relatives involved in gangs, remained steadfast and  committed to the peacemaking programs. Eventually, he graduated from high school, started college and applied to be a teacher in our programs. He is now a much-beloved peace teacher with the younger kids in the program and has grown into a confident, compassionate, and committed young man. He is working on his college credits and apprenticing with a glass-blower, all the while, creating time to be a peace teacher and role model for the younger kids!

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Proposed cuts to education and enrichment programs brings new urgency for the need to support young people in peace and justice leadership roles and stop students from continuing their path in the “school-to-prison” pipeline.”

The ICUJP Peace Kids Internship has been created for students from South Los Angeles between the ages of 15 and 18 with an opportunity to learn and grow their community organizing skills while being directly mentored by ICUJP members. Youth interns also receive a small stipend, some scholarship funds, work experience, and recommendations for college and jobs.i

Partnered with landmark institutions such as the Peace Kids/Peace Camp/Youth Leadership, the ICUJP Peace Kids program strives to uplift students while providing comprehensive education from a peacemaking perspective, a global peace education with an emphasis on developing the next generation of community change agents.

How you can help: 

  • The cost of one intern is $1450/year
  • $25 provides a stipend for one of the 34 days of the program
  • $50 provides one month of the school-year program on 2 Saturdays
  • $200 provides the scholarship for 1 semester
  • $250 proves a stipend for one week of the summer Peace Camp program
  • $400 provides the stipend for 2 semesters of the school-year program on Saturdays
  • $600 provides a year of the college scholarship fund helps to incentivize youth by creating future selves they can imagine going to college. 
  • $850 provides a year of stipend means they will receive $25/day each of the 34 days a year the program meets. 

We need your donations and support to grow the Peace Kids Scholarship Fund. 

Your donation will make a difference in the life of an ICUJP Scholar/Peace Kids Intern



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