As part of our belief that Religious Communities Must Stop Blessing War and Violence, ICUJP has been very active since its beginnings in 2001.  Here are short descriptions of our educational, advocacy, and action events and programs; always with our mission in our hearts and minds:  

FRIDAY FORUMS                                                                                   

Friday morning sponsoring group meetings at Immanuel Presbyterian Church are the lifeline of ICUJP. We have guest speakers, share reflections, and plan campaigns and actions. All are invited. Join us this Friday!                                                                                                


Our monthly Spiritual Youth for Justice and Peace series of Interfaith Gatherings in partnership with the Student Ministry and the Peace Center of the United University Church at the USC campus. These gatherings always include an action component.


We introduced a series of Justice Luncheons, with a speakers and interfaith respondents to foster discussion about issues that affect us all. We do at least four of these each year.


Taking action and speaking truth to power are what we must do as people of faith and commitment. For twelve years, ICUJP has held peace vigils regularly on the corner of Vermont and Wilshire. We also lead and participate in a variety of street rallies, demonstrations and vigils. We have also arranged for interfaith delegations to visit local, state, and national elected officials.