Picture Speaks a Thousand Words



ICUJP chairperson and master of ceremonies Steve Rohde speaks at ICUJP's "Close Guantanamo Now!" rally at the Downtown  Federal Building on January 11. 

"Detainees"  Jeff Hirsch, Joe Maizlish, Anthony Manoussos, Carolfrances Likins and Jon Krampner kneel on the sidewalk and, in front of the Federal Building sign, Rabbi Aryeh Cohen, actor Mike Farrell, and attorney Michael Rapkin prepare to speak.

At the end of the Obama administration on January 20, only 41 men were still imprisoned in Guantanamo.

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  • Pyari Anaya
    commented 2018-02-02 03:51:40 -0800
    I ’ve read all your articles on this page, very interesting and the style of writing makes us understand the content of this article
  • Dylan Smith
    commented 2017-10-21 05:45:52 -0700
    A picture speaks a thousand words. “Close Guantanamo Now!”