Scholarship Thank You Letter

My name is Miriam Perez and I am writing to thank you for sponsoring me as a Peace Kids Youth Intern. I am currently in 11th grade at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools SVAH, class of 2020. Upon graduation, I hope to attend a four year university in order to pursue my dream job of becoming a graphic novel illustrator and author. Having this career will allow me to share different thoughts and ideas I have so that hopefully others can learn something from them.

As someone with two parents that did not reach high levels of education, I am happy that you have supported me to reach for my goals and to go far in life. I would like to be someone successful someday, even if it might take some time and dedication. College is something very important to me, but also something that can be quite stressful due to financial issues. However, the sponsorship given to me by you makes me more content with the idea of college and inspires me to be motivated these upcoming years.

I hope to use this Youth Intern position to gain experience that will benefit me towards my career goals and aspirations. I am glad that you have decided to contribute to society by giving someone the chance to receive a wonderful sponsorship so that they are given more opportunities for their future. I would like to thank you once more for your tremendous generosity and I wish you more opportunities to help other people like me.

~ Miriam Perez

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  • William Logan
    commented 2020-03-04 08:50:19 -0800
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