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ICUJP Friday Forum
December 9th, 7:30-9:30 am Pacific

12.09.22 Friday Forum - The Brazilian elections, the MST and challenges of the new government

The Brazilian Landless Rural Workers Movement – MST -- is a Brazilian social movement fighting for land, agrarian reform, and social change. It is the result of a long history of land concentration and social inequality and is inspired by various forms of resistance and popular struggles for social justice and the sovereignty of people.

For 38 years the MST has organized landless peasants throughout Brazil to fight for their land and produce healthy food, building a better life for their families with education, health, and culture, based on cooperation and respect for each other and for nature.

The MST has organized more than 1.5 million people in about 1,200 cities located in 23 states and the Federal District.

The MST is part of La Via Campesina, an international coalition of more than 170 peasant movements from 80 countries worldwide.

Join the conversation with our speaker:

Cassia Bechara
 has been a  member of the MST since  2001.  She has taken on different tasks in the  Movement, such as in the communications sector and grassroots organizer. Today she is a member of MST  National Board and coordinates the International  Relations Collective.

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9:20 - 9:30  Closing circle and prayer

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Reflection: Veda Veach
Facilitator: Carolfrances Likins
Zoom host: Rick Banales

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