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    Forms & Documents


    Friday Forum Schedule

    Description: List of upcoming Friday Forums and assigned roles for facilitator, reflector and Zoom host

    Speaker Appointment Scheduler

    Description: Link to online appointment scheduler for CONFIRMED ICUJP Friday Forum Speakers

    Instructions to send speakers:

    2. SELECT the date you'd like to book from the available options (in blue)
    3. CLICK ON 7:30 am (To the right of the calendar - a blue outlined button)
    4. Input your NAME and answer the questions - or write N/A if it doesn't apply to you
    5. CLICK ON the blue button that says 'SCHEDULE MEETING'
    6. That's it for now! 🙂 ICUJP's Director of Communications will be in touch with you shortly with more information regarding your scheduled presentation. Thank you!

    Speaker Outreach Tracking Sheet

    Description: List to track speakers contacted to present at Friday Forums and status

    Template - Speaker Outreach

    Social Media Post Request Form - Partner Organization

    Description: Form to be filled out by partner organization's requesting ICUJP to post on their behalf

     "Special Event" Form

    Description: Form to be filled out by ICUJP members requesting promotion for a special event


    Social Media Links







  • 20th Anniversary Co-sponsorship

    ICUJP 20th Anniversary

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of ICUJP's anniversary event. The deadline to purchase sponsorships unfortunately has passed. If you would like to make a donation instead, please visit Thank you for your support!


    Twenty years ago, days after the devastating 9/11 attacks, the late Rev. George F. Regas brought together Christians, Jews, Muslims, Quakers, humanists and people of many other beliefs to found Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace. Acutely aware that this moment posed a dire threat to peace and justice, George knew instinctively that peacemakers needed a place to gather, organize, pray, and act together - united by the fundamental principle that Religious Communities Must Stop Blessing War and Violence

    Since its founding, ICUJP has remained true to George's vision. Meeting at over 1,000 Friday Forums, ICUJP has:

    • heard speakers from all over the world
    • organized mass demonstrations, vigils, and acts of civil disobedience
    • presented numerous conferences and webinars
    • held an annual Close Guantanamo rally
    • sent many delegations to meet with elected officials
    • issued statements, petitions, and policy papers on a wide range of international and domestic issues
    • provided scholarships to young peace activists
    • supported our allies in the cause of peace and racial and economic justice
    • and provided a loving and safe home for all who are working toward a peaceful, compassionate nation and world that offer liberty, opportunity and justice for all.

    Please join us in person or online to celebrate ICUJP's 20th Anniversary, honoring George's life and legacy, and recognizing our colleagues in peace and justice with the 2021 George F. Regas Courageous Peacemaker Awards

    Pursuing Justice and Peace for
    Twenty Years

    ICUJP 20th Anniversary and 2021 George F. Regas
    Courageous Peacemaker Awards

    Saturday, September 11, 2021  •  4:00-6:00 pm PDT

    In person Program and Reception and live streamed online
    All Saints Episcopal Church  •  132 N. Euclid Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

    Rev James Lawson

    Rachael Worby

    With very special guests

    Rev. James Lawson
    Rachael Worby, Artistic Director and Creator, MUSE/IQUE

    Please note that the in-person event will strictly adhere to all COVID restrictions required by the Pasadena Public Health Department and the CDC

    We're delighted to honor the 2021 George F. Regas Courageous Peacemakers:

    Rep. Judy Chu

    U.S. Representative Judy Chu, D-CA-27
    for her ongoing commitment to justice and peace

    In addition, we'll honor the following organizations for their steadfast peace and justice efforts and for serving and advocating for people impacted by the Covid pandemic:

    • All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena
    • Black-Jewish Justice Alliance
    • Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE)
    • Friends Committee on National Legislation CA Advocacy Team
    • Housing Works
    • ILM (Intellect, Love, Mercy) Foundation
    • Immanuel Presbyterian Food Pantry
    • Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)
    • National Religious Campaign Against Torture
    • NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change
    • Poor People's Campaign
    • St. Mark's Lutheran Church/Sola Community Peace Center

    ICUJP operates largely as a volunteer organization with a small part-time paid staff.  For 20 years, we've carried out Rev. Regas's vision through the generosity of individuals and organizations like you. As with many other nonprofits, the Covid pandemic has hampered our ability to raise donations.  The annual Peacemaker Awards event is our primary fundraising activity of the year.  We're eager to sustain - and expand - our work.  We are committed to doing that with your generous help.

    Please become a co-sponsor of Pursuing Justice and Peace for 20 Years. The benefits at each level of sponsorship are shown below. Please purchase a package and submit a tribute ad honoring:

    • the life and legacy of Rev. Regas
    • the extraordinary organizations we're recognizing
    • ICUJP's 20 years of important work
    • any person or organization who's partnered with ICUJP through the years
    • all of these in the largest tribute ad you can afford!
    Sponsorship Benefits
    Tickets to in-person event
    6 tickets
    4 tickets
    3 tickets
    2 tickets
    Ad in online tribute book (on screen before event opening and during reception)
    Full page
    1/2 page
    1/4 page
    Name and logo listed
    Ad in print tribute book at in-person event
    Full page
    1/2 page
    1/4 page
    Name and logo listed
    Name and logo listed in website and email marketing




    Individual admission tickets to the in-person program and reception are also available for a donation of $25 or more. Please be as generous as you can to help underwrite scholarships for those who cannot afford a ticket. (To request a scholarship, based on limited availability, please email Daryn Kobata, Director of Communications and Special Events.) The live-streamed online event will be free.


    **To purchase tickets or co-sponsorships by check, please make the check out to Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace. In the memo line, please note "9/11 ticket" or "9/11 co-sponsorship." Mail to: Rod Sprott, c/o Church-Biz, 1125 N. Fairfax Avenue #46836, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Be sure to to confirm your purchase details with Daryn Kobata by email or at 213.373.4006.

    Thanks very much for your generous support! 
    A portion of your donation or co-sponsorship is tax deductible as allowable by law. If you have questions about co-sponsorships or admission tickets, please email Daryn Kobata.

    Again, thank you so much for your support and for all you do in pursuit of justice and peace.We look forward to seeing you on September 11. 

    On behalf of the ICUJP Board of Directors,

    Stephen Rohde

    Grace Dyrness 
    Vice Chair

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  • Resources to End Systemic Racism

    If you have resources to suggest, please email us.


    LA District Attorney George Gascón's First 100 Days in Office report:


    Sign Black Lives Matters' open letter to support DA Gascon's progressive justice reforms:


    Learn about and expose those who have killed Black people and others of color with impunity:


    Sign Dr. Melina Abdullah's petition to fire LAPD Chief Michel Moore for his longstanding pattern of abuse and failed leadership:


    Join Black Lives Matter LA and others to end police associations:

    Every Wednesday, 3:00 pm – Fund Services, Not Police!
    #EndPoliceAssociations at 1313 W. 8th St., Los Angeles

    We’re taking down the police associations that function as organized crime, enabling killer cops, bullying and bribing elected officials, and criminalizing our people. Gather in front of the ACLU building directly across the street from the headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Protective League. Bring your drums, bodies, spirits and dedication.


    Learn about SB 300 (Cortese), the Sentencing Reform Act of 2021:
    This bill will end the injustice of people being sentenced to death or LWOP even if they did not kill anyone nor intend for anyone to die. It will allow resentencing for those now sentenced to death or LWOP as accomplices in a felony murder. It also restores power to judges to dismiss any special circumstance. Organizational letters of support are due March 30 on the legislative portal for this bill's hearing, set for April 6.

    Fact Sheet:


    Learn about AB 256 (Kalra), the California Racial Justice Act for All:
    Remember how we passed the Racial Justice Act last year but it’s prospective only? This bill will make it retroactive, allowing people on death row and serving LWOP (and anyone else) to challenge racial bias in their case. This bill is set for hearing on March 23. It is too late to be listed in support in the official analysis but you can send a letter now to be listed for the next committee.  

    Fact Sheet:


    Email your Los Angeles city councilmember to demand that money reallocated from the LAPD budget - a result of #BlackLivesMatter protests - go to Black organizations to benefit Black communities: 


    Toolkit to learn more about and have a voice in the LA city budget:


    Learn more about the campaign to drop LWOP (life without parole) for the 5,100 people currently serving these "living death sentences":

    Kelly Savage-Rodriguez, DROP LWOP: [email protected]

    [email protected]


    Join an ICUJP working group to end systemic racism:

    Fernando Fernando, [email protected]


    Join the Campaign to Preserve Democracy & Accountability at Pacifica Radio:


    Subscribe to ICUJP's email list for weekly Friday Forum and special event announcements:


    Donate to ICUJP to support more programs like this one:




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    Please Support ICUJP in Working for Justice and Peace


    ICUJP in 2020

    2020 has been a year like no other in our lifetimes. Like you, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace has had to adapt to ensure we continue moving forward. And with your help, we’ve remained steadfast in our mission that Religious Communities Must Stop Blessing War and Violence.

    Largely volunteer-driven, with a small part-time paid staff, we’ve continued to hold Friday Forums, convened a major conference, celebrated the life and work of Rev. George Regas, recognized amazing leaders in our movement, and spoken out on critical issues. Here’s what you helped us do:

    Friday Forums

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, since late March we’ve held our Friday Forums online. These 35-plus meetings have allowed us to raise awareness and spur action on a wide range of issues with new audiences and important speakers from around the world, including:

    • Alicia Re Cruz, University of North Texas, on immigration and border justice
    • Marjorie Cohn, Esq., Thomas Jefferson School of Law and National Lawyers Guild, on the post-2020 election transfer of power
    • Dr. Melba Maggay, writer and social anthropologist, on Covid-19’s impact on impoverished communities in the Philippines
    • Amy Spitalnick, Executive Director, Integrity First for America, on IFA’s landmark case against neo-Nazis who instigated deadly violence in Charlottesville, VA
    • David Swanson, Cofounder and Executive Director of World Beyond War, on the organization’s latest antiwar efforts
    • Gail Walker, Executive Director of IFCO/Pastors for Peace, about her group’s programs supporting organizing and empowerment with communities of color

    ONE WORLD: Ending Endless War and Creating a Just, Peaceful, Healthy Planet

    On June 7, dozens joined ICUJP at our first-ever virtual conference. When we began planning last year, we could not have predicted how timely it would be! Founded during another tumultuous, world-changing time, ICUJP offered an alternative voice to the “War on Terror.”

    All these years later, the issues are slightly different, but the challenge is the same. On June 7, we came together to strategize how we can apply our founding principles to our current tumultuous world – how to push for justice and create a world where all people can flourish, not just a few.

    The Rev. Jim Lawson, keynote speaker, challenged us: “Non-violence is a pitch to us that a paradigm has arrived. There is no way through endless war. There is no way through the present systems of endless pain and hurt in the world, except through the paradigmatic change that we move from injustice to justice, from violence to non-violence, from hatred and brokenness to compassion and truth.”

    With Rev. Lawson’s words echoing in our hearts and minds, we broke into smaller groups to grapple with specific areas of concern in today’s world:

    • Peace with Justice - looking at America’s blind commitment to military dominance and endless war, and ways to strengthen peaceful and humanitarian conflict resolution
    • Racial and Religious Justice - The racism, disparities, and religious bigotry revealed by Covid-19, and how people of faith and goodwill can embrace liberation movements to create a multiracial, harmonious democracy
    • Environmental Justice - how war plays a big role in the destruction of the earth, and how we can restore a healthy planet
    • Economic Justice – how the outsized U.S. military budget robs our economy of social welfare funding, creating stark poverty, and solutions for a new way forward

    Our remarkable presenters included Salam Al-Marayati, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC); Dr. John Cobb, Center for Process Studies; Jodie Evans, CODEPINK; Rabbi Mel Gottlieb, PhD, Academy for Jewish Religion | CA; Hyepin Im, Faith and Community Empowerment; Ashley Gonzalez, Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE); Ben Poor, UniteHere! Local 11; and many more. We ended our day with Calls to Action prepared by Anthony Manousos on behalf of ICUJP - attached here so that you, too, can take action. 

    2020 George F. Regas Courageous Peacemaker Awards and Rev. Regas’s 90th Birthday Celebration

    On the 19th anniversary of 9.11.2001 - the event that launched ICUJP – we presented two online events. The morning Friday Forum invited attendees to reflect on what ICUJP has meant to them over the years. In the evening, the 2020 Regas Peacemaker Awards began with a 90th birthday celebration of our leader and co-founder, the Rev. George Regas. Birthday greetings by video and in person from longtime ICUJP members filled the screen from around the world, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu from South Africa! We sang happy birthday and watched ICUJP videographer Robert Corsini’s fabulous short documentary, which brought so many reminders of George’s bravery and vision for a better world. It was a momentous occasion to appreciate his leadership and courage that has shaped so many of us.

    We were thrilled to present the 2020 award for Justice to Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles and for Peace to The Most Rev. Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town; Jewish Voice for Peace; and World BEYOND War.

    18th Annual Close Guantanamo Now! Rally

    On January 10, 2020, allied organizations again joined us at the Downtown Federal Building for our annual demonstration protesting Guantanamo Bay Prison’s existence. This prison remains a shameful example of America’s brutal and racist incarceration of predominantly Muslim detainees who have been denied due process in the discredited “War on Terror.”

    Speaking Truth to Power

    Throughout the year, ICUJP has spoken out on crucial issues of justice and peace including statements on A Cry for Justice for George Floyd and opposing Israeli annexation, and endorsing a coalition opposing Proposition 20.

    Your support has made this all possible.
    Will you please help us keep the momentum in 2020 with a gift of $50, $100, $250, or more?

    Flashback to 2001: In the days following 9/11, the Rev. George Regas saw what was coming. The U.S. would use the attacks as an excuse to start even more endless and unjustified wars. In response, Rev. Regas and other faith leaders launched ICUJP with the mission that Religious Communities Must Stop Blessing War and Violence.

    Since then, ICUJP has kept the mission and widened our view. We view "violence" as all forms of injustice that harms people: racial, gender, economic, environmental, and more.

    Along those lines, we’ve continued learning from experts and advocates in these areas and more; joined our allies to rally against immigrant detention, exploitation of hotel employees, and war with Iran; granted scholarships to young peace and justice advocates through the SoLa Community Peace Center; and much more.

    All of this has only been possible because of you.
    Can you give $50, $100, $250, or more today?

    Every dollar goes directly toward calling out wrongs and inspiring action to make them right.

    Still, so much remains to be done. We must keep:

    • Advocating for families and individuals facing loss of income, eviction, and hunger due to COVID-19 lockdowns
    • Revealing the criminal justice system’s racial and economic discrimination, which destroys millions of lives through profiling, mass incarceration, and harsh sentencing
    • Telling congressional leaders to stop misspending our tax dollars on endless, unnecessary wars that kill countless innocent people
    • Calling for compassionate justice for immigrants and the release of children from detention

    That’s why we're counting on you to donate as much as you can.
    Please join us in working for peace and justice by giving $50, $100, $150, or more today.

    People like you give us hope. As someone who cares about peace and justice, you sustain our belief that together we really can help bring change and create a better world.

    Since day one, we’ve supported ICUJP with our time, energy and donations. It has enriched our lives and sustained us throughout these difficult years. We know that you, too, will be glad that you are a part of making change happen. And we want to thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts.

    With gratitude,

    Stephen Rohde, Chair
    Grace Dyrness, Vice Chair
    ICUJP Board of Directors

    [email protected]