Resources to End Systemic Racism

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LA District Attorney George Gascón's First 100 Days in Office report:


Sign Black Lives Matters' open letter to support DA Gascon's progressive justice reforms:


Learn about and expose those who have killed Black people and others of color with impunity:


Sign Dr. Melina Abdullah's petition to fire LAPD Chief Michel Moore for his longstanding pattern of abuse and failed leadership:


Join Black Lives Matter LA and others to end police associations:

Every Wednesday, 3:00 pm – Fund Services, Not Police!
#EndPoliceAssociations at 1313 W. 8th St., Los Angeles

We’re taking down the police associations that function as organized crime, enabling killer cops, bullying and bribing elected officials, and criminalizing our people. Gather in front of the ACLU building directly across the street from the headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Protective League. Bring your drums, bodies, spirits and dedication.


Learn about SB 300 (Cortese), the Sentencing Reform Act of 2021:
This bill will end the injustice of people being sentenced to death or LWOP even if they did not kill anyone nor intend for anyone to die. It will allow resentencing for those now sentenced to death or LWOP as accomplices in a felony murder. It also restores power to judges to dismiss any special circumstance. Organizational letters of support are due March 30 on the legislative portal for this bill's hearing, set for April 6.

Fact Sheet:


Learn about AB 256 (Kalra), the California Racial Justice Act for All:
Remember how we passed the Racial Justice Act last year but it’s prospective only? This bill will make it retroactive, allowing people on death row and serving LWOP (and anyone else) to challenge racial bias in their case. This bill is set for hearing on March 23. It is too late to be listed in support in the official analysis but you can send a letter now to be listed for the next committee.  

Fact Sheet:


Email your Los Angeles city councilmember to demand that money reallocated from the LAPD budget - a result of #BlackLivesMatter protests - go to Black organizations to benefit Black communities: 


Toolkit to learn more about and have a voice in the LA city budget:


Learn more about the campaign to drop LWOP (life without parole) for the 5,100 people currently serving these "living death sentences":

Kelly Savage-Rodriguez, DROP LWOP: [email protected]

[email protected]


Join an ICUJP working group to end systemic racism:

Fernando Fernando, [email protected]


Join the Campaign to Preserve Democracy & Accountability at Pacifica Radio:


Subscribe to ICUJP's email list for weekly Friday Forum and special event announcements:


Donate to ICUJP to support more programs like this one:




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