Jerry Stinson

  • June 26 Interfaith Response: Rev. Jerald Stinson


    I am in awe of Ann Richardson and Mike Rapkin, of what they have done to provide legal assistance to those so fiercely hated, of their commitment to justice and equality even in a place as awful as Guantanamo. Thank you both so much for sharing your stories today.

    My task today is not to talk about Guantanamo itself but to look at the larger picture of torture from a faith perspective. At ICUJP – where a collection of very diverse religious communities are represented, we see all forms of torture as morally reprehensible. That means the torture at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, torture in secret CIA interrogation centers like those in Bagram and Kandahar, Afghanistan. And it means torture in hidden places all over the world where others carry out torture on our behalf. It includes the torture of solitary confinement in our nation’s prisons and the torture that is the death penalty.

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