Sofia Quinones

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    This year marks the 75th anniversary since La Colonia Mexicana dedicated our monuments and memorials on May 30,1947 in our historic corridor of Cinco Puntos. This was in honor of the soldiers of Mexican descent that earned Congressional Medals of Honor in WWII. Our ancestors raised the private funds to build the monuments and memorials not the City of Los Angeles. They chose this precise geographical location to build them for serious reasons. As our soldiers fought against Nazi Germany our soldiers did so knowing neither they nor their families or community were allowed to vote for the Mayor of Los Angeles nor was East Los Angeles allowed to be its own city. When the City of Angeles drew its boundaries it deliberately excluded the communities of East Los Angeles. The Cinco Puntos corridor is where the first bigoted lines of segregation and gerrymandering were drawn in the City and County of Los Angeles. This continues being a voting rights issue and a local representation issue for the communities of East Los Angeles. Now the City of Los Angeles wants to disrespect East Los Angeles once again, by obliterating the Raul Morin Square and using eminent domain on the business in the corridor to make way for a roundabout that no one in the neighborhood wants. For years forces have attempted to change the name of our monuments and memorials for soldiers of Mexican descent to the “All Wars Memorial” Our community does not venerate war! These monuments our for our soldiers and their families. This short clip gives some background on Raul Morin a decorated Combat Veteran and author of the legendary book Among The Valiant.

    Watch “Robert Vallejo, Raul Morin Memorial Square ||| Veterans Make Movies” on Vimeo:

    The Raul Morin Square is woven into the social fabric of our raizes en Los Angeles. His family registered so many people after the traumatic time periods of the AKA Zoot Suit Riots y lo que pasó en Bishop, La Loma, Y Palo Verde, AKA Chavez Ravine.

    Gente show up to honor our veterans and their families and to protest against the City of Los Angeles proposed $26,000,000 + roundabout project that will desecrate our sacred space and negatively impact emergency response time, causing congestion an adding to the environmental degradation we are already suffering from.

    This project has no current Environmental Impact Report (EIR) or traffic study. There have been absolutely no community scoping meetings. This is a violation of the California Environmental Quality Act. This project was designed behind closed doors at the MTA now known as LACMETRO. The MTA had no legal authority to do this project. It was not in the EIR for the Eastside Gold Line Light Rail construction. This is a violation of the Brown Act. They along with former Councilman Jose Huizar and his staff pushed for this project. The current Councilman Kevin De Leon kept Nate Haward along with other Huizar staffers that continue pushing this corrupt project forward. LACMETRO has to be audited. They have abused their authority and taken property via eminent domain. The LACMETRO board members have failed to disclose or recuse themselves when voting on contracts that involved their colleagues and nonprofits they were associated with who also gave them campaign contributions.(i.e. ELACC, ACOF, etc). Governor Gavin Newsom also used eminent domain to take properties from the 710 freeway. These land grabs have denied Californians their constitutional rights to first right of refusal. The Governor then transfered funds from the 710 freeway project to this corrupt roundabout project in East LA. There is no current Beneficial Owner Registry in LA. We have no idea who owns the LLC’s or non profits that developers hyde behind. The Corporate Transparency Act has no teeth. International organized crime syndicates launder their ill gotten gains buying up property destroying communities all across LA, the U.S. and the globe.
    Investigation! Investigate! Investigate! Investigate!
    Our soldiers answered the call and they and their families gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Answer are call for justice and cover this story and investigate the corruption running wild in the City and County of LA.

    Por Mi Raza Habla Mi Espíritu!

    Sofía G. Quiñones
    East Los Angeles
    Boyle Heights Coalition