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Reparations, Land Back and the Ally Response

The word reparations raises so many questions. For instance, what are they, how do they relate to settler colonialism and slavery, and how can we, people committed to justice and peace, respond to the call for reparations on stolen land. We hope to provide some answers to these questions, and direction for possible action. We’ll hear from Karen Hilfman about reparations in general plus three amazing panelists active in the reparations and land back movements - traci kato-kiryama, Ian Schiffer, and David Gardinier - about why reparations is important to them and the kinds of work they do.


Karen Hilfman (she/her) is a long-time Los Angeles economic, racial justice and feminist organizer, most recently active with White People 4 Black Lives (the L.A. affiliate of Showing Up for Racial Justice), the Fund For Reparations NOW!, and Jewish Voice for Peace – Los Angeles.  She’s retired from a human resource career at Jewish Family Service, Los Angeles.   Karen’s been learning a lot from the younger generations about how the “abolition” movement is a more nuanced, grounded, and constructive approach to dismantling racialized capitalist and imperialist systems of oppression than was the “revolutionary” movement of the 1970’s. Her top interests are movement organization and relationship building and writing.


traci kato-kiriyama

traci kato-kiriyama (they+she) --based on unceded Tongva land in the south bay of Los Angeles-- is an award-winning multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary artist, recognized for their work as a writer/performer, theatre deviser, cultural producer, and community organizer. As a storyteller and Artivist, tkk is grounded in collaborative process, collective self-determination, and art+community as intrinsically tied and a critical means toward connection and healing. She is a performer & principal writer for PULLproject Ensemble, two-time NET recipient; NEFA 2021-22 finalist for their show TALES OF CLAMOR.  tkk —presented for over 25 years in hundreds of venues throughout North America as a writer, actor, poet, speaker, guest lecturer, facilitator, Artist-in-Residence, and organizing / arts & culture consultant— has come to appreciate a wildly hybrid career.


Ian SchifferIan Schiffer (he/him) is an organizer, resource mobilizer, and ritual leader born and raised in Tovaangar/LA. Through his role as Community Weaver with Nefesh, an open-hearted spiritual community, he supports bridge-building, and inner-outer multi-faith Tikkun. Ian works with boys and men in building nurturance culture and is honored to be connected to the Tongva Tahrahat Paxaavxa conservancy. He's interested in offering spiritual, radical real estate, and ancestral support to other settlers interested in being good guests/kuuyam through land rematriation/teshuvah. Ian is a life-long Dalai Lama Fellow, loves ritual walks at the beach, and spacious time with kin.



David Gardinier David Gardinier (he/she/they) is working to build a healthy anti-racist white identity both within themself and with the white people in their community, and it is this vision that led them to found the Fund for Reparations NOW!. David comes from Spokane, WA, but now lives in Los Angeles, CA, where they are an active member of the Alliance of White Anti Racists Everywhere (AWARE) - LA. Over the years, David has come to see reparations work as their highest calling, and they are eager to see the payment of formal reparations to African Americans within their lifetime.




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January 14, 2022 at 7:30am - 9:30am
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